EUCD Best Practice Guide

Es gibt jetzt den „EUCD Best Practice Guide„. Der Report beschreibt, wie die Europäische Urheberrechstrichtlinie in verschiedenen Ländern in nationale Gesetzgebung umgesetzt wurde und formuliert „Best Practive“-Empfehlungen.

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A new report by Berkman Faculty Fellow Urs Gasser and Berkman affiliate Silke Ernst (both at the St. Gallen Research Center for Information Law) provides a set of recommendations for transposing the EU Copyright Directive (EUCD) into the national copyright frameworks of accession states and candidate countries. The guide, which could also inform future law reform in existing member states and is related to stock-taking studies such as the Gowers Report and the forthcoming official review of the EU Copyright Framework, is sponsored by the Open Society Institute and builds upon prior work by the Berkman Center’s Digital Media Project.

The study, focusing on digital copyright, includes specific recommendations in controversial areas such as DRM anti-circumvention frameworks, private copying exceptions, teaching exceptions, exceptions for disabled people, exceptions for archives and libraries, as well as recommendations on issues such as reporting on current events, the quotation right, and provisions on caricature and parody, among others.

Hier ist der Report als PDF.

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