EFF sucht European Affairs Co-ordinator

Das ist doch mal eine nette Stelle in Brüssel: EFF Seeks European Affairs Co-ordinator

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is looking for a European staffer to head up our new Brussels office and round out our international team. This is a new position focused on European Community level intellectual property and civil liberties policy initiatives that impact the digital environment. The position will be part policy analyst, part activist and part educator.

We are looking for a motivated and dynamic European with:

– excellent written and spoken English language skills, and fluency in another relevant language (preferably French or German or another major European language);
– well-developed public speaking and social skills, who can talk with a wide range of audiences including European MEPs and Commission staff, consumer rights and public interest groups, computer programmers and media; -familiarity with current European Community IP and civil liberties legislative and policy developments; – a solid understanding of the European Community’s structure, main fora, decision-making processes and key personnel and committees that work in the IP and civil liberties arenas;
– strong policy analysis skills;
– a good strategic sense;
– maturity of judgment;
– demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and work with others
remotely; and
– the ability to travel throughout Europe, and to the United States.

EFF is passionate about our mission, and our ideal candidate will be too. We work on cutting-edge issues in a fun, fast-paced team
environment. Salary and details of benefits package available on request.

Applicants: please send a cover letter and resume in TXT, RTF, ODT, DOC, PDF or html format to eurocoordinator@eff.org

Deadline for applications: Rolling, but not later than December 1, 2006.

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