Die zehn grössten US-Privacy-Debakel

Wired hat die zehn grössten Privacy-Debakel von Unternehmen aufgelistet: Privacy Debacle Hall of Fame. Mit dabei sind AOL, CAPPS II, AT&T und als Number 1:

1. The creation of the Social Security Number:
Although security blogger Adam Shostack is known for his expertise on information-age data leaks, he considers the creation of the Social Security Number in 1936 to be the „largest privacy disaster in the history of the U.S.“ Referencing controversy over the card’s creation at the time, he said, „Ironically, privacy advocates warned that the number would become a de facto national ID, and their concerns were belittled, then proven right, setting a pattern that still goes on today.“

Ist zwar sehr US-Lastig, aber trotzdem lesenswert.