is celebrating: Join our conference and party

We are celebrating our 13th birthday with a conference and party. Take a look at our program and be sure to come to Berlin on September 1st – to participate, to share your ideas, to socialize, and, of course, to party.

Fight for your Digital Rights! CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Markus Reuter

13 years ago, started covering digital rights and politics. Since 2014 we are celebrating our birthday with a conference and a party. This year’s event is going to take place on September 1st at cinema Kosmos in Berlin, featuring talks about important ongoing and upcoming digital rights debates on two stages.

It’s all about politics

The program is offering a comprehensive overview about central challenges of a digital society for newcomers. Additionally, many talks will give an in-depth insight into specific issues – always from a civil society perspective, based on the values of fundamental rights and democracy.

The national elections and electoral campaigns will be featured, as well: We will assess the digital policies of the current administration, look forward to the debates of the next legislative term, and offer the latest insights into the debates on fake news, micro targeting, and social bots.

The program is a mixed one: We have talks in German and English. Please check it out!

Tickets for everybody!

We are very thankful for the financial support of the Federal Agency for Civic Education, Chaos Computer Club, Mozilla, and Wikimedia. Therefore, we can offer tickets that should be affordable to anybody interested in participating.

Ticket prices start at 10 Euro for digital rights activists as well as for people eligible for a discount – pupils, students and citizens collecting unemployment benefits (proof of evidence at the entry). Standard tickets are offered for 20 Euro. Professional tickets for members of organizations are offered for 50 Euro. Supporter tickets are offered to people who want to get a ticket and are willing to support the work of in general, whether for 250 or 500 Euro.

For further questions or requests, please mail

Party like there’s no surveillance

In the evening, an additional talk will kick off our birthday party at Mensch Meier, followed by last year’s best reader’s comments, and a quiz. Techno, disco, d’n’b, trap and punk’n’trash are going to keep you awake until dawn. Conference guests can participate for free. Other guest will have to pay 5 Euros entering the party until midnight, or 8-10 Euros afterwards.

We are happy to announce the following DJs and live acts for the night:

· RSS Disco [Hamburg] · DJ AROMA* Ritter Butzke, aromamusic [Berlin] · Chroma stilvortalent_menschmeier [Berlin] · Stil & Bense [Osnabrück] · Das Kraftfuttermischwerk [Potsdam] · tasmo [Berlin] · kass3te [Hamburg] · Markus –*ane-Team [Berlin] · Trummerschlunk Audiolith [Berlin] · Kiki [Brussels] · krachkind [Berlin] · Totora –*ane-Team [Berlin] ·

Birthday presents

If you want to support our work: We are always appreciating your financial support, e.g. by standing orders and/or donations. Your benefit will be ongoing independent and critical reporting about digital policies and rights, without any advertisement. We are very grateful for any support!

Deine Spende für digitale Freiheitsrechte

Wir berichten über aktuelle netzpolitische Entwicklungen, decken Skandale auf und stoßen Debatten an. Dabei sind wir vollkommen unabhängig. Denn unser Kampf für digitale Freiheitsrechte finanziert sich zu fast 100 Prozent aus den Spenden unserer Leser:innen.

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