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Bei Reddit läuft gerade ein AskMeAnything mit der Kampagne - unabhängig & kritisch dank Euch.

After huge victories in India and the US, now it’s Europe’s turn to fight for net neutrality! We are a group of digital rights experts leading the fight. We can explain how net neutrality works in Europe, why this fight matters, and how you can help.
Our current law is full of loopholes. This summer, it’s up to the European telecoms regulators, BEREC, to interpret that law. Their decision could make or break net neutrality.
We need a huge response from netizens supporting net neutrality, or else we’ll be drowned out by lobbyists. Your support is invaluable, and only takes a minute or two: message our regulators at

We are:
Thomas Lohninger, AKVorrat
Joe McNamee, European Digital Rights
Estelle Massé, AccesNow
Rejo Zenger, Bits of Freedom
Agnès de Cornulier, La Quadrature du Net

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