Regierungsdaten und die unsichtbare Hand

Noch nicht zitierfähig, aber trotzdem interessant, ist die Vorab-Version eines Papers von David Robinson, Harlan Yu, William Zeller und Edward W. Felten zu „Government Data and the Invisible Hand„.

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If the next Presidential administration really wants to embrace the potential of Internet-enabled government transparency, it should follow a counter-intuitive but ultimately compelling strategy: reduce the federal role in presenting important government information to citizens. Today, government bodies consider their own websites to be a higher priority than technical infrastructures that open up their data for others to use. We argue that this understanding is a mistake. It would be preferable for government to understand providing reusable data, rather than providing websites, as the core of its online publishing responsibility.

Die endgültige Version wird im „Yale Journal of Law & Technology Volume 11, 2008-2009 Fall Issue“ stehen.

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