Creative Commons bei Emerge and See – Promoting future movies ideas

Freitag und Samstag findet im Kino Babylon in Berlin das „Emerge and See – Promoting future movies ideas“ – Festival statt. Ich werde dort Freitag um 16 Uhr einen Vortrag zu Creative Commons mit einem Fokus auf Filmproduktion halten: „Tools for the remix generation“.

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EMERGEANDSEE promotes creative and innovative student videos, films and animation. We bring student work to the big screen through our regular cinema events in London, Berlin and Budapest, and distribute show reels to international festivals and cinemas, giving the stars of tomorrow unique international exposure. From submissions by students across the world we pick the most innovative and compelling work which shows the great quality and variety of media, techniques and ideas being made. We at EMERGEANDSEE believe that we’re now in a world where good ideas are valued much more than technical perfection – and EMERGEANDSEE is showing these ideas and supporting the people who create it.

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