Italien scheint Wahlcomputer-Experimente zu stoppen

Italien scheint alle Experimente mit Wahlcomputern zu beendigen, wie verkündet: Elections: Amato, stop to electronic voting.

“We decided to stop the electronic voting machine“. Interior Minister Giuliano Amato announced this during a conference organised by the Assirm, the association of institutes for market research, surveys and social research.

Amato explains: “During the 2006 elections we experimented with the machines as a voting system, and not a system that counts the sections, without any reference to the legally valid votes. Now that we arrived at the point in which we decide to continue, passing from the experimental phase to the implementation, using the machines for the counting as well, it is obvious: we decided to stop. It is a suggestion that came from the ministerial offices, I presented it to Prodi expressing my opinion as well, the Premier agreed. It will be the triumph of our ancestors, but for someone of my generation it isn’t unpleasant either. Let’s stick to voting and counting physically because less easy to falsify“.


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