EDRi-gram – Nummer 4.2 erschienen

Das neue EDRi-gram, Nummer 4.2, der European Digital Rights Initiative ist soeben mit den folgenden Themen erschienen:

1. Commission refuses to do an impact assessment on the data retention directive
2. OECD Conference on the Future Digital Economy
3. German Wikipedia back on the Internet
4. A CD should work on any device, says French court
5. Debates on draft directive on Television without Frontiers Directive
6. EU Visa Database under scrutiny of the European Data Protection Supervisor
7. French anti-terrorism law not anti-constitutional
8. Combating Racism on Internet
9. Irish ISPs to give File-sharers details
10. Slovenian Intelligence Agency performed illegal eavesdropping
11. Big Brother Award for Dutch immigration minister
12. UK Passenger Travel Data in Advance
13. Recommended reading: Security Policies in Europe