Manifest: The Infrastructure of Democracy

Gerade findet die „Madrid Conference on Terrorism, Democracy and Security“ statt. Die Safe Democracy – Webseite bietet eine Menge Informationen darüber und auch RSS-Feeds. Spannend ist die Entwicklung eines Manifests „The Infrastructure of Democracy“ in einem Wiki durch Teilnehmer der Konferenz.

Hier ist ein Ausschnitt daraus:

…In conclusion we urge those gathered here in Madrid to:

* Embrace the open Internet as a foundation of 21st Century democracy, and a critical tool in the fight against terrorism.
* Recognizing the Internet’s value as a critical communications infrastructure, invest to strengthen it against attacks and recover quickly from damage.
* Work to spread access more evenly, aggressively addressing the Digital Divide, and to provide Internet access for all.
* To protect free speech and association, endorse the availability of anonymous communications for all.
* Resist attempts at international governance of the Internet: It can introduce processes that have unintended effects and violate the bottom-up democratic nature of the Net….