Laura Poitras on Snowden’s Unrevealed Secrets

Dailybeast hat ein längeres Interview mit Laura Poitras zu den Snowden-Enthüllungen: Laura Poitras on Snowden’s Unrevealed Secrets. - ermöglicht durch Dich.

Eine der News darin: Der Guardian hat wohl noch in Hongkong Material der Snowden-Leaks gelöscht.

Actually, it hasn’t been reported yet but The Guardian did destroy some material in Hong Kong. They had a freak-out moment and destroyed some source material. So, I was copying it and getting it out, and I kept a copy on myself at all times with really, really strong passwords

Ansonsten kündigt sie an, sich noch mehr mit den Special Source Operations (SSO) beschäftigen zu wollen:

There’s a lot more there, though, and the thing that hasn’t been reported enough is the whole Special Source Operations program—which is the partnership between NSA and the telecoms. From their own internal documents, 80 percent of all the NSA’s collection happens through those partnerships.

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