DRM Chair, auf dem man nur 8 mal sitzen kann

Eine Gruppe von Studentinnen und Studenten der University of Art and Design Lausanne, ‚Les Sugus‚, haben ein Real-Life-DRM-Pendant gebaut: DRM, das bedeutet Digital Rights Management – Digitale Rechteverwaltung.

Download a song from iTunes, and you can only add that song to the music library of five other computers. Grab a copy of the latest Microsoft Office, and you’d better hope you won’t be upgrading your computer any time soon. Obviously DRM is a great tool for companies to make sure we only use software and data as intended, but outside planned obsolescence, there isn’t much in the way of DRM for physical objects.

Um diesen Unsinn zu verdeutlichen, hatten Les Sugus die Idee eines ‚DRM Chair‚: Ein Stuhl, auf dem man 8 mal sitzen kann, dann fällt er auseinander. Und man muss einen neuen kaufen.

The design of the chair is fairly simple; all the joints of the chair are cast in wax with a piece of nichrome wire embedded in the wax. An Arduino with a small switch keeps track of how many times the chair has been used, while a solenoid taps out how many uses are left in the chair every time the user gets up. When the internal counter reaches zero, a relay sends power through the nichrome wire, melting the wax, and returning the chair to its native dowel rod and wooden board form.

DRM CHAIR from Thibault Brevet on Vimeo

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