Data Mining: Wie Firmen jetzt alles über Dich wissen

Im Time-Magazine gibt es eine lange Reportage über Data Mining: How Companies Now Know Everything About You. - unabhängig & kritisch dank Euch.

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  1. money quotes (nota bene): „This being America, I don’t have to wait for the government to give me an opt-out option; I can pay for one right now.“

    So funny, he is. Not.

    „Sure, I was surprised that all these companies are actually keeping permanent files on me. But I don’t think they will do anything with them that does me any harm.“

    Right he might by, but others may.

    „We’re quickly figuring out how to navigate our trail of data — don’t say anything private on a Facebook wall, keep your secrets out of e-mail, use cash for illicit purchases.“

    Yeah. And get a little extra entry in a file, like, shows conspicuous behaviour by using cash money to bud undefined goods and uses email encryption.

    Wie heiß nochmal Wing Commander IV?

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