Steal This Film: Trial Edition

Die Macher von „Steal this film“ haben eine „Trial Edition“ zum aktuellen Pirate Bay Gerichtsferfahren veröffentlicht. Passenderweise gibt es den Film auf der Pirate Bay als Torrent zum Download.

Janko Röttgers berichtet darüber auf Newteevee: New Steal This Film Documentary Just In Time For Pirate Bay Trial.

But stay with the film, and you’ll be rewarded with some interesting background information about the implications the trial has for Sweden’s political system, as well as intriguing and sometimes amusing footage of the three Pirate Bay administrators at the center of this conflict. One scene has Peter Sunde stacking up a couple thousand of pages of court documents. “It’s a good read,” he comments.

To be clear, this is a movie taking sides. You won’t hear any critical questions about the Pirate Bay’s unwillingness to institute a Google-like takedown procedure for indexed content, even though its admins constantly compare the site to Google. Then again, it’s not just a movie about the world’s largest torrent tracker. Instead, it tries to set the stage for the Pirate Bay as a catalyst in a world where the old rules of intellectual property and exclusive rights cease to exist. And as such, it definitely makes you want to see the finished version.

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