How it feels to be sued for $4.5m

Der Guardian brachte heute einen Artikel eines der zufällig auserwählten Opfer der RIAA, die jetzt saftige Strafen zahlen sollen. Das ist der Prozess, wo erst ja, dann doch wieder nicht live aus dem Gerichtssaal gestreamt werden durfte: How it feels to be sued for $4.5m

To a certain extent, I’m afraid to write this. Though they’ve already seized my computer and copied my hard drive, I have no guarantee they won’t do it again. For the past four years, they’ve been threatening me, making demands for trial, deposing my parents, sisters, friends, and myself twice – the first time for nine hours, the second for seven. I face up to $4.5m in fines and the last case like mine that went to trial had a jury verdict of $1.92m.

When I contemplate this, I have to remind myself what I’m being charged with. Investment fraud? Robbing a casino? A cyber-attack against the federal government? No. I shared music. And refused to cave.

Sehr empfehlenswerter Artikel.

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