Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software

Bei MIT-Press ist das Buch „Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software“ erschienen. Vom Aufbau her ist es ähnlich wie das Open Source Jahrbuch. Und auch hier gibt es die einzelnen Kapitel als PDF-Downloads. Ich bestell es mir aber wohl trotzdem.

netzpolitik.org - ermöglicht durch Dich.

A new work titled „Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software,“ edited by a collection of international experts in the field, including Joseph Feller, Brian Fitzgerald, Scott A. Hissam and Harvard Business School’s Karim R. Lakhani, has just been released.

They describe the collection of essays by saying that, „Revolutions are a lot like caterpillars—they don’t grow old. Either they die young, or they undergo metamorphosis into something quite different. Successful caterpillars become butterflies and successful revolutions replace, or at least transform, the status quo. What is the status of the F/OSS revolution? Has it successfully transformed the software industry? Other industries? Governments and societies? Or, is the revolution still in “chrysalis,” with the great change to come tomorrow? Or, has the revolution already died young? Or is it, perhaps, doomed to do so?

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