Interkontinentale Unterseekabel als „weak spots“

Interessanter Artikel beim Inquirer heute, als Nachlauf zum Seebeben vor Taiwans Südküste im Dezember 2006. In Luzon Strait 2006 disaster not an isolated case werden noch weitere „weak spots“ identifiziert, und einige interessate Rechnungen aufgestellt:

According to Asia Netcom CEO, Bill Barney, there are similar weak points in the Adriatic next to Italy and in the seas off both Chile and Japan. In each case cables are sharing the same ocean ‚trenches‘ and the location is susceptible to possible earthquakes.

The financial implications of web outages are hard to calculate but Asia Netcom has prepared to give it a go. It says the whole of South Asia basically went off line.

The combined GDP of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China togehter is approximately $7.56 billion dollars per day. Those countries were hardest hit when six out of seven undersea cables snapped during the earthquake, but it also affected communications with Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea and Singapore.

Part of the problem, according to Barney, was that ISPs were operating their networks at something like 80-90 per cent of their full capacity. So there wasn’t much spare capacity to cope.

Asia Netcom reckons it got 100 Gbps of capacity back up and running after a break in service of around 12 hours. But that left the area short of around 500 Gbps.

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