Digital Natives: Participatory Culture or Self-Representation?

Bei MediaBerkman gibt es diese Diskussion zum anhören: Digital Natives: Participatory Culture or Self-Representation? ist unabhängig, werbefrei und fast vollständig durch unsere Leserinnen und Leser finanziert.

Corinna di Gennaro visited the Berkman Center this week to discuss “Digital Natives: Participatory Culture or Self-Representation?” The growing diffusion of Internet adoption and use and the popularity of Internet applications from blogs to social networking sites, has sparkled a revolution in the way people gather and share information. But is the euphoria surrounding Web 2.0 backed up by actual changes in social practices? And are digital natives leading the revolution? Corinna led the discussion that looked for answers to these questions and more, with a particular focus on how the Internet is reshaping notions of citizenship and people’s participation in the democratic process. Corinna is a sociologist, working on the social implications of Internet adoption and use for civic engagement and political participation. She is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Annenberg Center at USC.

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