Steal this Film

Steal this Film“ ist der erste Teil einer Dokumentation über The Pirate Bay und das schwedische Piratenbüro. Den Film gibt es in verschiedenen Formaten via Bittorrent zum herunterladen. In einem Wiki kann man beim zweiten Teil mithelfen.

The first part of STEAL THIS FILM focussed mostly on The Pirate Bay, the Piratbyrån and the events around and after the raid that happened at TPB in autumn 2006. Actually, we took a lot more material than this, and asked (for example) a lot of questions about the future of creativity, about how media control works (e.g., how it manages to convince us about the need for constant War, or at least placate us while it’s happening) and about whether, and how, the types of organisation we’re now working on together can serve us better.

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