Peter Jenner:DRM is dead

Peter Jenner war mal der erste Manager von Pink Floyd und ist momentan Generalsekretär des „International Music Managers Forum“. The Register hat ein längeres Interview über Musikdistribution, DRM und neuen Wegen zur Kompensation von Künstlern ohne Kontrolle. Kurz zusammen gefasst ist seine Meinung in der Headline des Artikels: Big labels are f*cked, and DRM is dead – Peter Jenner.

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The major four music labels today are „fucked“, he says. Digital music pricing has been a scam where the consumer pays for manufacturing, distribution, and does all the work – and still has to pay more. Labels should outsource everything except finance and licensing.

But he’s also optimistic that for almost everyone else – indie labels, musicians, songwriters and budding entrepreneurs – as well as network providers – the future’s going to be pretty bright. The Big Four know that the DRM era is nearly over – and within two or three years, he predicts, „most countries“ in the world will have a blanket licensing regime where we exchange music freely, for a couple of quid a month.


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