Martus – Freie Software für Menschenrechtler

Im Süd-Afrikanischen Tectonic-Newsticker habe ich einen Artikel über Martus gefunden: Free software working for human rights. Martus ist eine interessante Software für Menschenrechtsorganisationen in repressiven Staaten mit folgenden Eigenschaften:

1. Uses built-in encryption to safeguard data
2. Enables text-based bulletins about violations to be created easily and quickly
3. Securely backs up this information and replicates it in multiple locations to protect against loss
4. Is free software and open source, encouraging easy code review to foster an atmosphere of trust and collaboration
5. Provides grassroots groups with power over their own information, allowing them to decide what to make public and what should be kept securely private
6. Offers consumers of human rights information access to the non-confidential portions of bulletins, enabling activists, prosecutors, press and the public to have direct access to the voices of those affected by human rights violations