James Boyle über die EU-Datenbankrichtlinie

James Boyle kommentiert in seiner Financial Times – Kolumne die Evaluation der EU-Datenbankrichtlinie: Two database cheers for the EU.

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Imagine applying these arguments to a drug trial. The patients in the control group have done better than those given the drug, and there is evidence that the drug might be harmful. But the drug companies like their profits, and want to keep the drug on the market. Though “somewhat at odds” with the evidence, this is a “political reality.” Getting rid of the drug would reopen the debate on the search for a cure. Change is costly – true. But what is the purpose of a review, if the status quo is always to be preferred?

The European Commission has taken one important and laudable step towards rational policy-making on database protection. Now it needs to finish its journey.

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