ZDF Dokukanal über Spionage

Derzeit in der „Heavy Rotation“ im ZDF Doku-Kanal: Spionieren ist „in“ .

Das Ausschnüffeln hat allerorten Hochkonjunktur

Spionieren ist „in“: Der Verkauf von Überwachungskameras boomt. Und „Schnüffelprogramme“ sind das am schnellsten wachsende Segment der Softwarebranche.

Sehr spannende Doku! Wird u.a. morgen Nacht um 3:15h wiederholt.

Eine Ergänzung

  1. Information Technology security seems to be increasingly unmanageable. For every new firewall software programme and innovative hardware device developed, there appears to be a corresponding spyware invention that compromises an individual’s privacy. This vicious circle has no end. Naturally, the better informed we are of potential problems, the better our chances will be of
    attaining some degree of self-protection. In this way, the programme that ZDF Dokukanal aired on the topic of spying techniques is a real public service to all legitimate computer users. But those who seek to harm others by means of criminal activity are just as, if not more, motivated than the highly-dedicated IT experts who seek to make our lives a bit more convenient. I only hope that time will be on the side of those of us who wish not only to use but also trust the electronic devices that occupy and dominate such an important niche in everday life.

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