Internet-Zensur im Mittleren Osten und Nord-Afrika

Human Rights Watch hat einen Bericht über Internet-Zensur im Mittleren Osten und Nordafrika veröffentlicht: „Online Censorship in the Middle East and North Africa„. Enthalten sind Einzelberichte über Ägypten, Iran, Syrien und Tunesien.

This report examines Internet trends and policies in the Middle East and North Africa region as they affect freedom of expression, focusing particularly on Egypt, Iran, Syria, and Tunisia. Human Rights Watch selected these four countries for closer scrutiny as much for their differences as for their similarities, and their inclusion should not suggest that their policies are worse than those of other countries in the region. For each of the featured countries, Human Rights Watch examines government policies affecting Internet access, the role the Internet has played in fostering freedom of expression and civil society, laws restricting free expression, online censorship, and cases in which people have been detained for their online activities.