EPIC Alert, Volume 12.11, June 2, 2005

Ein weiterer spannender Newsletter über Digital Rights kommt vom Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) aus Washington. Gerade ist der neueste EPIC Alert, Volume 12.11, June 2, 2005 erschienen:

[1] Report: Consumers Vulnerable to Profiling, Price Discrimination
[2] EPIC Urges Close Scrutiny of Sunsetting USA PATRIOT Act Provisions
[3] Government Proposes to „Virtually Strip Search“ Air Passengers
[4] Government Report: Federal Agencies‘ RFID Plans Flawed
[5] Conference in Congo Covers Privacy Policies and Internet Governance
[6] News in Brief
[7] EPIC Bookstore: Larry Selden & Geoffrey Colvin: Good & Bad Customers
[8] Upcoming Conferences and Events

Der Newsletter kann hier abonniert werden.