CC in Review Teil3: Fair Use

Lwarence Lessig hat mittlerweile den dritten Teil über Creative Commons veröffentlicht: CC in Review: Lawrence Lessig on CC & Fair Use.

That’s the problem that DRM creates for „fair use.“ How can Creative Commons help solve this problem?

In two important ways:

1. By building a layer of Creative Commons marked creativity, we increase the range of creative work that doesn’t need the locks of DRM.
2. By banning the use of DRM that interferes with the freedoms guaranteed by our license, we assure that the freedoms we’ve built into our license are not restricted by DRM. Among these freedoms, the very first is „fair use.“ As section 2 of every license says, „Creative Commons licenses do not modify or restrict ‚fair use.'“

Thus we use our licenses to build the freedoms authors want upon a reinforced layer of „fair use“ freedoms. Creative Commons is thus „fair use“-plus: a promise that any freedoms given are always in addition to the freedoms guaranteed by the law.