BusinessWeek-Interview mit Lessig über Grokster

Die BusinessWeek hat mit Lawrence Lessig ein interessantes Interview zu der Grokster-Entscheidung geführt: „Ten Years of Chilled Innovation“

Q: Do you think in fact we’ll see a dampening of innovation?
A: Yes. Now, I don’t think we’re going to see tons of litigation. What you’re going to see is innovation that’s channeled in ways the copyright owners can agree to, or channeled in ways that avoids any kind of possibility of this kind of litigation.

That has already had its effect in the Valley, and already money has shifted into places which will avoid any conflict with the copyright holders. Why buy a lawsuit when you can buy a new innovation that doesn’t get you a lawsuit? And you don’t even see it — you don’t even know what you don’t get because people are afraid.

Wäre Creative Commons eine börsennotierte Firma, würden durch die Entscheidung die Aktien in die Höhe gehen:

Q: So this court decision could actually focus more attention on your efforts at Creative Commons?
A: If we had a stock price, our stock price would have shot up after the decision. One very effective way to architect your product to control illegal use would be to add Creative Commons licenses to it. So here we are, open for business, giving away free tools for avoiding Grokster liability.