Flash-Animation: The Media in 2014

Eine richtig coole Flash-Animation über „The Media in 2014“ hat Robin Sloan als Dokumentar-Flash-Film veröffentlicht:

„Robin Sloan made a flash video as a „documentary“ of how big enterprises like google and amazon converged medias and changed the way we see news by 2014. It’s a vision of what could be (or will be) the world with personalized media, made by peers, and the guy knows what’s going on on those big heads. It ends with a sad view on which, althought some people get their news in a way they could never before, most of them just get a bunch of untrue gossip and sensasionalist trivia. And that’s exactly what they wanted.“ This will take a few minutes to watch, but stick it out to the end. I think there’s a lot in there that you really should think about.

[via Slashdot]