Kerry führt bei „Exit-Votes“

„Exit Votes“ sind erste Hochrechnungen, die auf Wählerbefragungen am Wahltag basieren. Auf „The Talent Show“ gibts nun die ersten Karten. [Gefunden via „Change for America„]

The nation’s first Election Day votes were cast and counted just after midnight Tuesday in this mountain hamlet, with President Bush and John Kerry each receiving 15 votes. Ralph Nader received one.

Minutes later, the 26 registered voters in Dixville Notch, about 50 miles to the north, split 19 for Bush and 7 for Kerry.

The tiny communities since 1948 sporadically have been taking advantage of a state law that allows communities to close polls early if all registered voters have cast ballots.

In 2000, both communities chose President Bush over Democrat Al Gore. In Hart’s Location, Bush won 17-13. In Dixville Notch, about 50 miles to the north, Bush had 21, Gore five and Ralph Nader one vote.