Machine Politics – The man who started the hacker wars.

Der New Yorker hat ein längeres Portrait über George Hotz aka Geohot: Machine Politics – The man who started the hacker wars.

In the summer of 2007, Apple released the iPhone, in an exclusive partnership with A.T. & T. George Hotz, a seventeen-year-old from Glen Rock, New Jersey, was a T-Mobile subscriber. He wanted an iPhone, but he also wanted to make calls using his existing network, so he decided to hack the phone. Every hack poses the same basic challenge: how to make something function in a way for which it wasn’t designed. In one respect, hacking is an act of hypnosis. As Hotz describes it, the secret is to figure out how to speak to the device, then persuade it to obey your wishes. After weeks of research with other hackers online, Hotz realized that, if he could make a chip inside the phone think it had been erased, it was “like talking to a baby, and it’s really easy to persuade a baby.”


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  1. Die TNY Reportagen sind meist ziemlich gut, wenn auch sehr oft, sagen wir, recht amerikanisch-pathetisch. Die Überschrift würde ich dazu zählen, sie bezieht sich halt auf den Sony v. Hotz Fall der dann OpSony & Co. auslöste. Das passt im Prinzip auch so und wird in der Reportage soweit auch richtig dargestellt.

    „It was the Summer of Lulz. Hotz didn’t mean to inspire a hacker war, but he doesn’t regret what he did. One night at a restaurant in Palo Alto, he clarified his position on the attacks against Sony. “If being a techno-libertarian leads to online anarchy, so be it,” he said. “I’m not a cause. I just like messing with shit.”

    Zudem zeigt der Artikel noch etwas anderes interessantes über Hacker auf. Aber ob das so stimmt und was das bedeutet mag jeder selbst interpretieren.

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