Wie spricht man anonym in der Öffentlichkeit

How to Speak Anonymously in Public: A Hacker’s Guide

It’s a dangerous world out there for security researchers. Between DMCA violations, full disclosure issues, miscellaneous lawsuits, government harassment, or simply having your name dragged through the mud by corporate spin, it is becoming increasingly desirable to have the ability to put some distance between yourself and certain aspects of your work and interests, even if only temporarily.

This guide is meant to provide instructions on how to execute an anonymous speech at a technical conference. These techniques have been used successfully by Alan Bradley and the Kevin Flynns to present „Tron: He Fights For the User“ at Toorcon 8 on September 30, 2006. Since Tron is a memory cloaker that can be used to conceal cracks to software copy protection (among other things, of course), by the letter of the law (and possibly helped with a little bit of „marketing“ on our part), Tron violates the DMCA. This makes for an excellent proof of concept for the usability of this format by others in similar situations. We also felt it would be useful to both raise awareness of interesting uses for Tor and to provide an alternate venue for censored speech.

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