Bei Growlaw gibt es eine nette Parodie zum Thema „DRM-Lizenzen“, wie beispielsweise die zur aktuellen Coldplay-CD, worüber ich hier schonmal berichtet habe. Übertragen auf eine Pizza würde die Lizenz folgendes bedeuten:

This FOOD PRODUCT has been manufactured for usage only in specific FOOD PRODUCT cooking devices and storage containers and might not be usable with the following devices:

* Some FOOD PRODUCT reheaters that have the capability of reheating competing products
* Some microwave heating devices with pre-defined „Pizza“ or „Sandwich“ buttons
* Any FOOD PRODUCT cookers which operate utilizing Celsius temperature scale
* Some FOOD PRODUCT cookers or reheaters with convection capability
* Some FOOD PRODUCT (FP-R/RW) reheaters designed for use in dormitory settings
* Some portable FOOD PRODUCT carrying containers
* Some serving and/or warming trays
* Some FOOD PRODUCT cleaning devices, such as generic napkins, paper towels or wet wipes-style products
* Some denture products, including partial bridges and unapproved full ceramic teeth replacements

Ein weiterer Artikel bei Grolaw zum Thema von Montag ist auch interessant: More DRM Follies – The Coldplay Edition.