Zensur in Burma / Myanmar

Die OpenNet Initiative hat sich die Zensurmechanismen in Burma (Myanmar) genauer angeschaut und eine Analyse veröffentlicht:

The OpenNet Initiative (ONI) tested its global list of Web sites and a high-impact list of sites with material known to be sensitive to the Burmese state. On the global list, we found nearly 11% of pages tested blocked, with a high level of filtering of e-mail service provider sites (85%) and pornographic sites (65%). The state also blocked significant numbers of gambling (24%), group Web sites (18%), and free Web space sites (18%). On our high impact list of sites with content known to be sensitive to the Burmese state, we found 84% of sites blocked, including nearly all political opposition and pro-democracy pages tested. These findings align with Burma’s well-documented efforts to monitor e-mail communication by its citizens and to control political dissent and opposition movements.

Die technische Filter-Infrastruktur kommt übrigens von der US-Firma Fortinet.