Slashdot veröffentlicht RSS-Studie

Slashdot hat heute die Ergebnisse einer RSS-Studie veröffentlicht:

RSS Use to Increase Dramatically, Slashdot(R) Survey Shows

Technology-Savvy Readers Expect Even More Targeted Information and Flexible Platforms

The Slashdot RSS Study explores current usage of RSS feeds and future applications for fulfilling daily information needs at the desktop as well as in new media platforms. Survey highlights of the 230 respondents include:

* 73% will increase their use of RSS feeds in the next year.
* Most users received their feeds through a Web-based RSS syndication service but many users do not use traditional methods to read their feeds, instead relying on mobile and other devices to obtain their feeds.
* Receiving feeds through mobile units such as cell phones, SMS messaging, voice mail, WAP or portable audio players will increase.
* Technology will improve as RSS use increases, making RSS feeds easier for users to read and for publishers to deliver.