James Boyle und der WIPO-„Broadcasting and Webcasting Treaty“

James Boyle thematisiert in einer sehr interessanten Kolumne in der internationalen Financial Times den „Broadcasting and Webcasting Treaty“, welcher aktuell und vor allem in den kommenden zwei Wochen bei der WIPO in Genf diskutiert wird: More rights are wrong for webcasters

Eventually, a new treaty will be produced. A new round of “harmonisation” will begin – upwards, always upwards. An unnecessary set of rights will have been created and created without evidence, perhaps reaching the heart of our new communications technology. And the lobbyists will return to their desks to plan again. Perhaps the growing furore about the webcast right will drive it off the agenda eventually. Yet the larger pattern of making ­decisions without evidence, as a contract among the affected industries, will continue. This is a scandal. But at WIPO, it is business as usual.