EDRi-gram – 3.11, 2. Juni 2005

Das neue EDRi-gram, Nummer 3.11, 2. Juni 2005, der European Digital Rights Initiative (EDRi) ist eben per Mail erschienen und dürfte gleich auch online sein.

1. Data retention in JHA Council
2. German court protects privacy P2P users
3. French campaign against biometric ID card
4. Software patent debate heads for climax
5. Big Brother Award for new member Italian DPA
6. UK ID Card to cost over 435 euro per person
7. Court condemns illegal snooping by Sonera
8. Conference report Access to Knowledge
9. More US claims on European passenger data
10. ISOC Bulgaria criticises report US Trade Representative
11. Highest court France defends workfloor privacy once more
12. Agenda
13. About

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