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Prof Lawrence Lessig, author of „Free Culture“, „Code and other laws of Cyberspace“, and „The Future of Ideas“has just released the wiki framework of „Code“, first published in 1999, for online collaborative update. „Code v.2“ works under the same principle as Wikipedia, and is the first of this kind book update.

In addition to that, Wiki License — Attribution-ShareAlike 0.5 Beta version of the new Creative Commons – Wiki License has been introduced for further comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism:

We’ve been talking to wiki developers for some time now. They’ve been looking for a license that was (1) share alike, but (2) required attribution back to the wiki, rather than to the individual contributors to the wiki. We realized that could be achieved with a very slight change to our existing Attribution-ShareAlike license: rather than requiring attribution back to the copyright holder, require attribution back to either the copyright holder or a designated entity.

So we’ve made that slight modification to the attribution clause in this beta version, and used it for this wiki. But we won’t release the license generally till we’ve had the ordinary time for discussion. Check back here later today to join a discussion about the license, and any further changes people think we should make.

BusinessWeek Online has published a short but insightful interview with Lawrence Lessing concerning his online project and the new license.

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