Weißrussische Blogger befreien politischen Gefangenen

Wer es heute wegen der re:publica noch nicht gesehen hat, BoingBoing hat einen Beitrag, der die Macht von Bloggern illustrieren helfen kann: Belarusian bloggers free political prisoner:

Evgeny sez, „Belarusian bloggers have successfully used a number of local online communities on LiveJournal to raise money to bail out Dzianis Dzianisau, a young political prisoner. They raised 7,500 usd — most of in contributions of 5 or 10 dollars–and got the guy out on bail.“

My family comes from Belarus, and the political repression and corruption there is intense. The Internet has been a powerful force against it though — net-videos of electoral corruption, activism to free political prisoners, and so on.