Neue OECD-Studie zum partizipativem Netz

Die OECD hat eine 128-seitige Studie zu „Participative Web and User-Created Content: Web 2.0, Wikis and Social Networking“ veröffentlicht“.

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The Internet is becoming increasingly embedded in everyday life. Drawing on an expanding array of intelligent web services and applications, a growing number of people are creating, distributing and exploiting user-created content (UCC) and being part of the wider participative web. This study describes the rapid growth of UCC and its increasing role in worldwide communication, and draws out implications for policy. Questions addressed include: What is user-created content? What are its key drivers, its scope and different forms? What are the new value chains and business models? What are the extent and form of social, cultural and economic opportunities and impacts? What are the associated challenges? Is there a government role, and what form could it take?

Hier ist das PDF. Ist wohl eine Weiterentwicklung einer ähnlichen OECD-Studie zum partizipativen Netz aus dem April diesen Jahres.


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