Study-Podcast: Realization of an Old Vision?

Dennis Mocigemba hat im Rahmen von balance [P] eine Studie zum Thema Podcasting durchgeführt. Von den Ergebnissen berichtet er mit einem Audio- sowie einem Video-Podcast: Realization of an Old Vision?

In this MetaCast I present some results of a study I conducted about podcasting. The two main questions are: 1. Why do so many people want to become a sender? 2. Can podcasting be regarded as the realization of an old vision uttered by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht about the radio in the 1930ies? Is podcasting a means of participation and democratization?

I present six idealtypes of sending mentalities. These types describe six basic motivations of why to become a sender or podcaster:

1. Explorer
2. Personality Prototyper
3. Journalist & ThemeCaster
4. Revolutionist
5. Social Capitalist
6. Social Gambler