Call for Students – Season of Usability 2008

Ellen sucht zehn Studenten für die „Season of Usability 2008„:

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I am proud to announce the Season of Usability 2008, a series of projects for students of usability, user interface design, interaction design and related. We accept 10 students for design tasks, user research and UI analysis. The openings represent a wide range of applications, such as instant messaging, office suites, web applications and the One Laptop Per Child desktop.

With regard to KDE, Celeste and me will accept two students to continue the work on Human Interface Guidelines and Design Patterns for KDE4. Also, we will accept a student for KOffice. If you are a student of usability, user interface design or related, send us your application until April, 14. Project work will start in May and will take approximately 3 months. An involvement of 15 hours per week is expected. Students receive a stipend of $1000 USD, kindly sponsored by Google Inc., the Open Society Institute and Trolltech ASA.

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