Newsweek über Repression 2.0

Die Newsweek hat einen interessanten Artikel über „Repression 2.0„. Darin wird beschrieben, wie totalitäte Systeme die eigenen Bürger vor allem sozial unter Kontrolle halten und Strategien entwickeln, die Internetzensur zu verstärken.

The trick about the new repression isn’t just getting people to think the government knows—or seems to know—what they’re doing; it’s making them believe they’ll pay the price. Here the technology of Repression 2.0 melds with old-fashioned strong-arm methods: those caught misbehaving are subjected to highly publicized character assassination, interrogation, threats to friends and families, trumped-up charges and show trials. Chinese police have shown up at the homes of Web surfers just minutes after they view an illicit site. Egyptian and Saudi courts try bloggers for sedition. In the Middle East, censors are hunting not just for political challenges to the established order but also for signs of what they consider social deviancy, such as gay porn. But with so much ground to cover, resources are spread thin. So rather than convey a systematic sensation of surveillance, Middle Eastern governments are louder and angrier in their condemnations.

[Danke an Martin]

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