Commoncraft: Social Media in Plain English

Von Commoncraft gibt es wieder eine neue Show. Diesmal wird „Social Media in Plain English“ erklärt:

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  1. …ich empfehle den blogeintrag von commoncraft „Assuming Too Much About The Web We See“:
    gleich ein relevanter auszug: „…It’s too easy to start making assumptions – assumptions about general awareness, about the number of people who really know what’s happening in „our“ online world. Viewed from the comfort of our living room, bookmarked pages and social circles, the Web looks pretty small and awareness looks pretty big. It’s too easy to assume that people have heard about the tools and sites we use everyday… While we spend so much time debating the merits of Twitter (for example), there is literally a world of people who are still perplexed by the basics of computers and the Web.“ –sehr wahr, wie ich finde!

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