Free Font Manifesto

Freie Fonts gibt es bisher selten. Dies möchte eine neue Initiative ändern, die das Free Font Manifesto veröffentlicht hat:

A small but growing number of designers and institutions are creating typefaces for the public domain. These designers are participating in the broader open source and copyleft movements, which seek to stimulate worldwide creativity via a collective information commons.

Ein kleiner Auszug aus dem Manifest:

What makes a typeface “good”?
Currently, most fonts created in the open source spirit are produced for small or underserved linguistic populations. Such fonts are “good” in the moral sense. In the future, designers may choose to make free fonts in the service of other social needs as well. For example, in developing countries graphic designers who seek to build a typographic culture in their home regions require more than a bare-minimum typographic vocabulary, and they often rely on pirated typefaces to do so. A richer selection of legitimate free fonts, clearly labelled and promoted as such in an educational way, might help to build respect for the larger commercial ecology of typeface design.

Auf der Seite gibt es einige Links zu freien Fonts. Ein Blog gibt es auch.

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